Ways To Get Through To Your thc Infusion Services

Infusion Services

that pretty pretty good well a yeah but that’s just your cost of goods sold of course your product within you you have equipment you have labor you have all these other things yeah oh by the time you that in the margins are actually much smaller and smaller got it okay so take me through that equipment.

A little bit you’re saying you had a facility so we have a facility commercial kitchen yeah the equipment that we use to actually manufacture the the coffee currently is pretty minimal it doesn’t take up a large footprint.

We have a filler that we use to fill the cake ups which is done manually mm-hmm so we put a setting of grams of coffee we fill it and then we have a heat sealer that sees seals the lid on top those are the two pieces of equipment that we use currently and base and then those really expensive pieces we know they’re not that expensive at all.

Which I think has been something that’s been appealing to partners that we’ve approached in other states is that you know the capital expenditure to get involved is really minimal where it kind of takes off is once you get to a point where you scale to where you can’t you you can’t meet the demand because it is rather intensive in terms of labor like the doses we have to manually hand those each one there’s no way to automate what we’re doing.

So how many K cups can you make in a day so we can do roughly an hour okay for pushing hard okay so and that’s how many people that’s just one person just one person god man cool and his labor still the most excuse.

You can get up to about but it’s just that some of the processes really only one person could do it at a time like if you’re dosing the actual cake ops or the pods you can only do one at a time and you have to weigh it out right so that we’re getting a milligram a milligram or milligram.

I think that’s one of the biggest issues with edibles is proper dose what’s up I see fans we are at the new home of investing in cannabis gateway in Oakland California it’s really in two parts so there’s an incubator there they’re gonna help ten companies get investment.

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