Seven Common Myths About Grow Bag Trees

It’s the middle of April and it’s great time to plant trees throughout Nebraska if you haven’t been thinking about where you can put a tree in your landscape now is the time to do it today we’re going to be looking at a couple different options of planning containerized treat as well as what’s commonly called a bag tree or root maker of course before you get ready to plants tree what you want to be able to do is make sure you’re matching your tree to your site and site growing conditions you’re picking a tree that’s going to meet the needs that you’re wanting topee whether its aesthetics beautification wildlife habitat and of course.

You’re going to the nursery and buying a high-quality tree you looking to buy root stock not a top so you want to get as best of a root system that toucan and in this case we’re going to be looking at a container tree and you’ll be selecting something Grow bag trees like this is very common in the nursery and you want to make sure that the tree does not have a lot of stem girdling roots within that container and we’ll take this root system apart and make sure that it’s nice and clean and won’t develop stem girdling roots.

which will cause a treetop potentially fail over time will properly locate that tree in the planting hole we like to tell people to buy five dollar tree and invest in fifty dollar planting hole so you really want to take your time and effort to plant the tree correctly making sure your top lateral roots or top uppermost roots are at or near the soil line and if you’re going to make a error I’m planting.

The Nebraska tree nursery they’re too shallow or too deep it’s better to go a little bit too shallow okay after we’ve gotten root system out of the container spread out the roots make sure we’ve gotten rid of any container or stem girdling roots located at the right depth in the planting hole we want to slowly add the soil same soil that came out of the planting hole back in around the root system don’t add any amendments less you know you need something and if you have some water that’s available slowly add water to back fill and get those air pockets out of there mulch of course three.