The Anthony Robins Guide To Adrenal Fatigue Solution

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Can call it fibrillation all that means is you’re running out of the anti inflammatory hormones and your whole body is a key brain fog hard to focus non-sequitur go in.

A room can remember why you went in there you know it’s just not clear you’re reading a book it doesn’t really go in low-tolerance people are starting to get on your nerves right.

You’re edgy you go into a room and you see something out of order and your attention focuses in only that and not the rest of the rooms breathing issues.

Adrenal Fatigue Solution

That has to do with two things number one going up the stairs flight of stairs and your logs are getting heavier okay at night you can’t get enough air that’s a symptom of adrenal because.

Yours is actually too alkaline not too acidic and that you’re having breathing problems okay adrenal fatigue solution  sinus the sinus does get congested with adrenal so that’s one thing and.

You can get allergies as well decreased libido is adrenal and lastly Disney dizzy when you stand up so let’s pretend that you’re lying down like that on a table and then you ate for about three or four minutes and you take your blood pressure okay then.

You stand up and take the blood pressure okay that is the test to measure adrenal function it is called Raglan’s test so basically you just check your blood pressure.

lying down for you to wait just relax for a few minutes and then stand up and check your blood-pressure now normal blood pressure is over  so let’s say it’s  or and when you stand up.

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This blood pressure the top number that’s called a systolic that should go up by two points normally with adrenal fatigue it will go down or it goes excessively too high so.

It’s a really simple way to determine your ability to adapt to gravity stress so now that’s how you do the test but here’s the thing let’s get to the purpose of the adrenal and your adrenal gland.

your adrenal gland is a survival gland it actually helps you cope with stress it helps you adapt your body to stress standing up is a little bit of gravity stress and.